Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything?

Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything?

Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything

The Walt Disney Company Indonesia collaborated with seven local brands create a series collection of accessories, clothing and trinkets inspired by iconic Disney characters, such as Micky Mouse, Disney Princess and Marvel.


Country Director, Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Indonesia, Mochtar Sarman said this time the menyasar collection is among young adults.


“We want the menyasar segment of the adult, because all this does not yet exist. Many fans are asking on. Designers are also the same. A pride for us to working with talented young designers to create the iconic character of Indonesia Disney becamemore alive, “he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.


For clothing, Disney presents special fashion women themed Disney Princess characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel (with Shopatvelvet brand).


Then, the hip hop style clothing collection themed Marvel characters such as Spiderman and Iron Man (under the Monstore brand).


There is also a collection of street wear special man whose design focuses on the character Mickey Mouse (Aye & Co).


For accessories, there are watches made from wood design blends characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (in collaboration with Five brands) and leather wallet is decorated with characters Mickey Mouse (under the brand Born Goods).


Later, Dinnerware made from ceramic terinpsirasi the character Mickey Mouse handmade (Kandura) and furniture design shapes and decorated with Mickey Mouse (Odeco).


Rangakaian collection designed especially for the younger generation will connectfans with the character as well as their favorite Disney story,” said Mochtar.


The collections starting from Rp 250,000 dibanderol are present in The Warehouse of Disney, Plaza Indonesia starting today until 5 March.
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