Can Heritage House? Take advantage of It!

Can Heritage House? Take advantage of It!

When you get a legacy of old houses, you are lucky. Some old house foundations are usually more sturdy so long lasting. The problem is, many are not interested in the old house.

The old house has an old-fashioned, spooky look and the design is of course not up to his new taste-unless the owner is a vintage-style fan.

No need to be confused, and sell it is not necessarily the solution. If you are still affectionate with the house and still want to use it as an investment, old house much pointless.

Here are some of the old house benefits if you want to use them as want to use them as a business investment.

Use as restaurant

Cafe or restaurant with the theme of old times and vintage always appeals to some consumers. Vintage style gives the impression homey as if it was in the cat rumah minimalis home of parents so that visitors to feel at home for long.

Find an investor, then turn your old house into a pretty cafe or restaurant. Serve home-cooked food with an eye-catching look.

Use for rent

Not a few foreign workers who live in Indonesia are interested in ancient homes that seem ethnic and traditional.

Beautify your home, clean the inside, and paint back the peeling wall. There are several websites that you can use to promote your home for rent, for example Homeaway.

Use as a simple hotel

Ever wanted to own a vacation home and provide a room for tourists? Just use your private home.

Use each room for rent at low prices. Now, not a few tourists who prefer the cleanliness and atmosphere of home rather than a luxurious atmosphere. Show the facilities and the beauty of your home through airbnb.

Use for rent as meeting place

Most houses that are rented daily do not allow their guests to use them for certain events. You must apply otherwise.

Rent your home for certain events such as family gathering, arisan antarteman, potluck, even a simple wedding. You can promote it on social media.

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