keep the cat is not caused mental disorders

keep the cat is not caused mental disorders

A study from University College London confirmed that kept the cats do not relate to the appearance of psychotic symptoms.


These findings into a rebuttal against the previous research that they grew up together in higher-risk cat experiencing mental disorders.


The message for the cat-keeping is no evidence to suggest that cat brings out the child’s risk of experiencing mental health disorders,” said study author, Dr. Francesca Solmi.


He said the study, published in Psychological Medicine that focused study of 5,000 people born in 1991 and 1992.


Investigators continue to follow the development of the participants until they reach 18 years of age. Research data includes whether or not there are cats in the Housethough mothers in the middle of the House and kids while there is growing and growing.


Our Study shows keep the cat during pregnancy is not directly related to the risk ofthe appearance of psychotic symptoms,” said Dr James Kirkbride, senior researcher.


Even so, researchers cautioned that Toxoplasma Gondii (t. Gondii) that are found in cats need to remain wary of becoming a risk for pregnant women and fetal development.


T. Gondii can cause problems serious birth defects and other health problems in children. We recommend that pregnant women could not handle cat feces because it contains t. Gondii, “he said as reported by Fox News.
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