Samsung began marketed curved screen OLED TVs.

South Korean electronics company, Samsung has recently officially launched a television OLED (Organic Light Emiting Diode )  screen first arch. TVs are equipped with 55-inch screen is reportedly already has the market at a high enough price at USD 13,000 or approximately £ 128 million.

This new technology can be fairly unique, because by using a curved screen, of the experience acquired by its users will feel different. Samsung’s own claim that the launch of this curved screen TV they hope to open up new markets for consumers who want premium image quality TV.

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side view curved screen OLED TVs samsung

The Samsung also had said that the TV with a curved screen has some advantages that are not owned by the flat-screen TVs, one of which is able to create a consistent visibility to all points. With their advantages, distortions in the edge and corner of the screen is able to be removed.

But not only Samsung who has launched a curved screen TV, one of the electronic vendors who also came from South Korean LG some time ago also has launched the first curved-screen TV. With the specification, size and the same resolution, the TV is certainly going to compete. Who is the best?