Check the Fitting Time to ask a MORTGAGE

The presence of a credit program of financing a home or a MORTGAGE is shortened by a number of banking in Indonesia, giving great opportunities for the community in realizing the plan has a home of its own.

No doubt, according to the survey which was conducted BI the 2016 Q3 recorded the fact that MORTGAGE facilities remain the first choice of consumers in the purchase of the property transaction. The survey results indicate the majority of consumers (74,77%) still choose the KPR.

Discuss more about MORTGAGES, apparently did credit rumah murah solo  application home cannot be done at any time. Considering buying a home by way of dicicil is an important decision, because it requires huge funds and high commitment.

So, to know when the right time for you to file a MORTGAGE, try to check some of the following points.

1. Determine the Home

Before filing a MORTGAGE, you should first find a home that you want. Don’t forget to consider the form, quality, location, and home prices.

If you don’t want any hassles in the Affairs of the home to determine where appropriate, practical and easy way can be done. Is reading a review of properties that can be listened to at

After that, you can ask a MORTGAGE facility (mortgages).

You can choose a bank which already cooperation with developers, because it usually offers a variety of convenience and gimmick.

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Islamic banks also can be selected if you want the fixed monthly installment (unaffected reference interest rate naik-turunnya).

If the monthly income is not too large, you can choose the tenor (settlement period). There are currently some banks that offer the tenor of up to 25 years.

2. Financial Conditions

A good time to apply for a MORTGAGE when Your savings is enough to pay a down payment (usually ranges from 20%-30% of the price of the House). It’s better if you don’t have another installment (such as car repayments or electronic devices) or engage in debt.

In order for uninterrupted monthly expenses, MORTGAGE repayments also should not be more than 1/3 of your monthly income. If not, should you delay taking the MORTGAGE.

3. Single or married?

Many think to delay buying a home to get married. Whereas, MORTGAGE repayment period up to require decades. In addition, the rise in house prices will always be higher than the increase in your salary!

So, the sooner you file a MORTGAGE would be better. If you’re still single and young as well as old already have enough savings, immediately take the KPR!

4. Interest rates

Other factors that determine when it is appropriate to ask a MORTGAGE is interest rates. If you have enough money but are not in a hurry to buy a home, pay attention to the first MORTGAGE interest rate at that time.

When interest rates are high, delay filing until the MORTGAGE interest rates down. You can ask the help of an expert to predict fluctuations in interest rates. Remember, buying a home when interest rates are low it will save you a lot of money.

5. Fixed Workers or Outsource?

Have a steady job with a larger income can be an indication of the appropriate time ask a MORTGAGE. If you are still a contract employees or outsource, should delay taking the MORTGAGE.

The reason, the bank is easier to approve an applicant that is a permanent employees — who have a steady income per month — rather than part-time workers or outsourced.

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