Designing “Fantasy Garden” At The Narrow Land

Proper planning is required to build a park on the grounds of narrow so it looks neat and attractive look. If you plan to build children’s home, the concept of the gardenat a restaurant that is located in the city of Bandung might inspire you.

In contrast to the concept of the garden landscape designers in General, Andi and Doni from X-Otic Garden, try to apply the concept of themed ‘ Fantasy Garden ‘. The uniqueness of the Park covering an area of 1-2 metres this looks at the partition (divider) who raised the concept of the image of the view an outdoor koi fish which are positioned vertically. Patterned walls tukang taman gresik depicting the pattern of water waves (wave) overlaid with synthetic grass (synthetic grass) as the background from the bottom of the pool. As for the ranks of Calathea plants serve to obscure the wall on the other side.

As for the Park area surrounding horizontal partitioning is completed by plant chives runt as ground cover because the plant proved to be resistant to micro-climate like this. Among the expanse of dwarf Allium Tuberosum plants are concentrated, dark green, planted several types of Bromeliads which have shaped leaves exoticism rosset whereas the colorful leaves colors be accent.

Other garden elements such as accessories, hard materials, and lighting is the enhancement of the overall elements that contribute to form the garden atmosphere. Ornament lamp made from a conical iron framework placed upside down, then filledwith chunks of rock in it. Bias light to penetrate between the stone cracks, very exotic to form an atmosphere around the restaurant be more romantic feel.

The design world is constantly evolving, no exception to the presence of diverse forms of unique planter for the plant. However, among all of the design there are some who start much favored. Not only because of its design and shape, but also its influence for the look of the House. Some of the planter is perhaps already been viewed or applied. If not, this is the right time to bring the plants with more beautiful andmesmerizing. The following four trends that could be a planter for growing plants at home!

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