Do not be afraid to bring the baby to swim, this 5 benefits!

Go for a swim. prioritize the swim benefits rather than think about what bad effectsif the child was taught to swim since infancy.


Swimming Australia professional coach, laurie lawrence reveal, there are many benefits of teaching children to swim since the beginning. not only have the habit of making it with water to reduce the risk of him drowning, swim since the beginning are also useful for change as well as the development of the child.

The kids all nine bln. swim in the womb, thus in fact has a natural as well as why notproceed, he explained, like written womansday.

Want to know the benefits of inviting children to swim since the baby? This is it:

1. The children who swim since infancy, has added a good motor changes. swim make baby moves all their body, starting from the hands, feet and head.

2. The children who swim from a young age can have a habit of follow the instructions or to listen to the pronunciation of other people. This subject makes the power of growing kognitifnya. changes of koginitif in infants include thinking, learning, andproblem solving.

3. Children who learn to swim as a child can more easily adapt and kontraktor watepark with others. the subject because of the time, they generally swim meets with the other kids.

4. Time to swim, children learn how people talk time give instructions to move. to the front, children who learn to swim since the baby is his ability to talk can be developed more quickly.

5. Swim with regular also can change the appetite and sleep patterns.

So the little one does not fall ill after swimming, be aware of many things:

1. strive not swallow pool water. When it has started huge, teach how his pace so as not to swallow the water. generally due to swallow pool water this is then exposed to germs and get sick.

2. the child must bathe before time and after a swim sesegara perhaps. the sweat as well as the use of sunscreen can also lower the content of chlorine. that’s because by taking a bath after a swim to do so that germs are not embedded in the skin.

3. If the child takes a break to swim, wash your hands especially. clean hands with SOAP which contain a disinfectant.

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