Garden City Park, Pasupati Thematic In Bandung

As we know, open green space or TELEGINEN is an area that is styled with the elements and the structure of natural ecological processes can run in order to balance the ecosystem around the area of TELEGINEN. One form of TELEGINEN is the city parkor green areas which are often utilized for interaction of fellow citizens or as a place for various community activities.

The existence of the grounds of the city is very important to improve the quality of life of the citizens and maintain the environmental conservation so that it not only contains various kinds of vegetation, but also features a variety of amenities such asseating, sports arena, and various other facilities.

One of the city’s Park in Bandung is Garden Pasupati is about 30 m x 25 m and is in the middle of the city of Bandung, West Java. In the past, the area that is located just below the overpass Pasupati it tends to be neglected and yet dark and deserted. Governments city of Bandung tukang taman minimalis “conjure up” this area into a comfortable open spaces to hangout and is suitable for a container of “expression”, especially for young children.

Almost the entire floor area lined by block paving and concrete cubes with differentsize that serves as an ornament/artwork while sitting. On the other side of the Park,created for the area also play skateboard skateboard or the shape of the letter U. Uniquely again, one Wall Street cantilever column is also decorated with murals.

Plant the herbs in a way perhaps not hang completely new things. However, the hanging planter this time not only for growing plants in an area outside the House, such as a terrace or garden, but also in the House. Not to mention, the design and the shape that can instantly caught my attention. That way, the plant can appear more seg and making the interior look more attractive.

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