How strong someone could survive in the zone is not comfortable?

How strong someone could survive in the zone is not comfortable?

Communicators at once personal branding specialist Erwin Parengkuan assesses the strength of someone surviving in one of the uncomfortable zone is dependent on her awareness on its role and responsibilities.


All we can do, we can survive in the one place that we may not like it, if you’re veryaware with Your role and responsibility,” he said in Jakarta on Tuesday.


In the world of work programs. Someone who has less confident personality, don’t like changes, less interested in trying new things, can only cultivate jobs such as journalists.


“Although Your personality is different from that required in your job, your exampleis a journalist who claimed to have intricate thought. But you for example is the peace and the Nimble. So sometimes, you make a “silly, “said Erwin.


“You can correct if you are aware of Your role and responsibility as a journalist you need to be relevant. When someone‘s got it in her head she’s, she’s the baseball would be wrong, “she chimes in.


In addition, mentality and as strong as what someone needs also become decisive strength endures in the world that contrary to her personality.


Get the job contrary to your personality, you can change. Depends what you survive as strong, as strong as what your needs are. Mental state as strong as what it is, that’s what will make him survive or not, pungkas Erwin.

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