Indonesia brand penetrated the world of fashion in London

Indonesia brand penetrated the world of fashion in London

Brand Indonesia penetrated fashion in London which is one of the world’s fashion center which annually hosts the exhibition of Pure London at Exhibition Hall Olympia, London.


This exhibition is a meeting of “business-tobusiness” for fashion products, ranging from clothes, pants, bags, and other accessories, so Implementing the economic function of the EMBASSY in London, Hastin A.B. Dumadi to between London, Wednesday.


He said the interesting thing from Pure London held over three days from the date of 14 February 12 sampak it, this year is the presence of two fashion brand that originated in Indonesia namely SME Esre Denim featuring pants and shirts for men, andSchmiley Mo featuring clothes for women.


The two companies were the first to participate in the activities of this exhibition. Razka Pradana from new Denim Esre completed studies in the United Kingdom MBAnya said that her wish to see the United Kingdom and European market potential for the product prianya clothes through the event exhibition. Esre producing clothes men and jeans from Bandung.


While Anggi from Schmiley Mo says the response of visitors quite positive because they quite liked the innovative designs of his own designed by its owner, Dina Rikasari. Mo Schmiley production center in Jakarta.


Anggi convey will soon follow up on a number of inquiries that come from visitors during the exhibition in progress to standnya.


I highly appreciate the initiative and the Mo Schmiley Esre independently participate in this exhibition. As this not only will give greater opportunity for them to markettheir products to foreign countries, but also provide an opportunity for them to see the development of fashion from different countries participating in the exhibition, “said Hana Satriyo, wife of Ambassador RI London, who visited the stand and Esre Schmiley in Olympia alongside military attaché of trade London, Nur Setyoko.


Hastin A.B. Dumadi says considering the activities of the exhibit more business-to-business“, the exhibitors do not trade in its products during the cast took place. On the sidelines of the exhibition was also held a fashion show event and dialogue regarding the development of fashion is quite suck the attention of many visitors.


Each year, approximately 1000 participants participated in the exhibition including from Estonia, Relax Baby Be Cool, featuring the entirety of its products batik shirt is good to the use of women and men.


Design batik displayed company from Estonia drew the attention of visitors because of the design being adapted to interest teenagers.


Every product also comes with information about style and origin of batik cloth used in small sheets of paper affixed on each products batik are displayed.

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