Josephine Alexandra, The Beautiful Fingerstyle Guitar Wiz

Guitar fingerstyle technique is indeed notable for its high level of harga gitar akustik the fair, many guitarists who complained of difficulties while learning the techniques of fingerstyle and likely many who gave up in the middle of the road, but this is not for the gorgeous guitarist Josephine Alexandra.

Cute girl aged 14 years and was several times appeared on instagram @indomusikgram, with a pleasant appearance. This account contains the appearance of people who are gifted in the field of art music in 15 seconds. 3rd grade students of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL of St. James Kelapa Gading, Jakarta with lincahnya played her fingersover the fret guitar. Not just any play guitar, you know. He played guitar with fingerstyle technique.

Fingerstyle technique is a way to play guitar by plucking the strings directly-the strings of the guitar using the fingertips, fingernails or pick the in pairs on your right. It took a high concentration of expertise and to be able to play guitar with this technique. The appearance of the youngest of 3 brothers would make we berdecak AWE.

Josephine began studying music since the age of 4 years. Then, he studied piano since registered parents. When the 4th grade, he began to study other instruments such as guitar, drums, violin and saxophone. After trying many musical instruments, hefell in love with the guitar. In order for the more proficient, Josephine also learned from YouTube.

Josephine also started recording and uploading to YouTube guitar game. And as it turns out, the response was very good. A lot of people who see his abilities and asked her to perform at school events.

A myriad of achievements in the field of music have been successful at raihnya. From the national and international music competitions, such as the Asean International Concerto Competition. He has also won 1 race open guitar on Instagram, held by @indomusikgram. From here is people getting acquainted with Josephine in cyberspace

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