Let me Not Hungry eyes, These Shopping Tips Make Up ala Lizzie Parra

Shopping events, this one not only needs. But it also could be a hobby of the women. Today, let alone shopping makin it easy with online transactions. Shopping can be done with a practical, quick, and dont bother.

Included in the reserved shopping make up. At this promosi superindo time, we could have easily gotten products make up or cosmetics we want via online. But ever dont heck faced the dilemma when makeup shopping? For example, the question of the hungry eye edges buy many products at once even though some products are not really we need. As a result we experienced over budget, so duh not delicious right?

This time, Lizzie Parra will share tips on how to minimize expenditures make up so as not to overload. “The point we must focus first want to buy lipstick nextnya aja and buy anything. In the cicil one-on-one, when I also bought one on one, and I also don’t directly purchasing nyicil laper eyes continue to be bought, “he explained to Vemale in Central Jakarta.

Later he also added so that shopping make up not spending much, the trick is to see our need and the money we have. “Depending on our budget too. See the budget we have, how we select in accordance with the most urgent needs, “he explained.

In terms of selecting products make up any Lizzie asserts, select in accordance with the type and color of our skin in order not to buy the wrong and not redundant. “Select if appropriate skin care products by skin type, if the product color adjust the color of our skin. If the lipstick itself e.g. average taste Yes, lipstick is not the real problem, want to buy 8 color lipstick I dont matter, because the colour is different-different, “close Lizzie with a smile.

Tips from Lizzie this really easy Parra right to directly put into practice? Shopping make up should also be adapted to the needs of the budget. Don’t get hungry eyes, the film so we bought all the cosmetic products that we see.

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