Local Government is expected to pay more attention to the construction of housing for MBR

Government Regulation number: 64 2016 about Low-income housing development Community, based on law No. 1 year 2011 about Housing and settlements, finally signed by President Joko Widodo on December 29, 2016.

Ali Tranghanda, observer property from Indonesia Property Watch, hope with the passage of this REGULATION may encourage the development of construction of houses for people on low incomes (MBR) so that it can meet the needs of providing shelter for the MBR.

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In this PP mentioned that the MBR was done to residential development land area of no more than 5 (five) hectares and at least 0.5 (zero comma five) hectares and is located in one (1) location for the construction of the House footprint.

“As for the location of housing development referred to the MBR has been in accordance with the plan of spatial locality. Besides the issue of acceleration of bureaucratic permitting also became a concern of the Government. Not to mention the coordinating team will be formed later the acceleration of housing development MBR set with a presidential decree, “explained Ali.

In order to support the Government in terms of providing a home for MBR, then this should be a priority in each local government area, given the current Government there is still much that is not completely paying attention in construction of housing the MBR.

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For that Ali States that discipline local Government to set up a special space will be built simple houses should be improved. The goal, to make the balance and the gap between the supply and the palatial house simple can become a community strong in one area so that mutual benefit.

Therefore the role of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial/National Defense Agency (ATR/BPN) will be very strategic in setting a clear space for a modest housing, which should be well integrated with node-node transport such as rail, LRT, MRT.

Thus the target development is not only based on physical, but are indeed provide the feasibility in providing his home. Imagine when House awoke the MBR but far from the highway and transit construction mission, then the MBR so distorted.

Home-Seller Program Threatened

On the other hand, although there are improvements to the trimming bureaucracy permitting, housing stimulus tax final INCOME TAX, trimming, but the most important factor that is still not fully resolved is the issue of the availability of land.

Based on analysis conducted Indonesia Property Watch Home-seller Program, initiated the Government threatened will not survive in 3 years when no instruments that can control the price of land for housing the MBR.

The availability of the land from the developer of the current MBR is expected to increasingly shrinking and will be exhausted within the next 3 years. On the other hand land prices continue creeping up. “This should immediately above by the Government, one with the formation of the land bank for housing the MBR,” Ali’s advice.

“This land Bank should be under the coordination of the housing agency are appointed. Thus between local government, developers, and small developers can partner with healthy. “

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