The world’s biggest Mosque cupola

The world’s biggest Mosque cupola

The world’s biggest mosque cupola is located in Tangerang, Indonesia. Tangerang is a city in Banten Province. The town is at the West of the capital Jakarta. Tangerang is the largest city in Banten or including the big three in Jabotabek area. Many interesting attractions to visit as a tourist destination. Call it ranging from shopping malls such as the Bale City Mall or Tangerang City Mall and also a number of culinary attractions penggoyang tongue in the old market of Tangerang. Typical culinary Tangerang guaranteed there won’t be endless. In fact there is also a kubah enamel Chinese peranakan cuisine-Tangerang. For example, soy sauce fortification, the old market, noodle laksa tangerang, and that should not be missed in Curry chips.

Talking about the typical culinary attractions or Tangerang Tangerang there is no death. However, please note. In addition to having a lot of tourist attractions and entertainment venues are popular, Tangerang also has its own privileges. As for the one IE because of the building of the mosque with a dome the largest mosque in the world. No wonder the Tangerang city increasingly popular and his name resound.

Al A’zhom mosque Has the largest Dome in the world

Al A’zhom mosque stands firmly in Tangerang. The mosque was featured as one of pride for residents of Tangerang. How not, comes with a unique design with five large mosque domes which look striking. The fifth dome has become the hallmark of its own. With a unique and magnificent dome, masjid raya Al A’zhom now not only as a place of worship of Muslims only. But a plus into a landmark city of Tangerang.

Note the Masjid Al A’zhom built on land covering an area of 2.25 hectares. While building the mosque itself achieve 5,775 square metres with parking area covering an area of 14,000 square meters. Masjid Al A’zhom didmoninasi cool sky blue color. With the size and area in such a way that holds jamaah 15,000 people, reasonable when the mosque carrying Middle Eastern architectural style in the city of Tangerang was crowned as the largest mosque in Tangerang and predicate has the world’s biggest mosque cupola.

According to an Administrative Officer and Permitting the mosque Al’Azhom, Mr. Asrofi H Joseph exposes that Mosque Tangerang has a uniqueness that ought to be proud of. Although the building of the mosque was built so big and magnificent, yet not at all found poles. The main vault structure or the parent who is in the middle of the note is sustained 4 saplings semicircular dome. The dome’s fourth could be strong enough to support the parent because the dome designed mutually hand in at the bottom.

Mr. Yusuf added that the dome of the mosque of Al A’zhom are basically made from a pile of blue domes semicircular. Of course till then is arguably Al A’zhom is the only mosque that has the world’s biggest mosque cupola with a design like that. The dome of the mosque was made without a buffer into the roof of the mosque of Al A’zhom have size diameter 63 m. With the diameter size is pretty clear why the Al A’zhom Mosque domes include the world’s largest dome. While the number of vaults that have 5 fruit is said to symbolize the 5 Pillars of Islam and also 5 time pray command.

On the dome of the mosque of Al A’zhom, precisely on the side in 4 children’s dome calligraphy is found inscribed with verses of the Holy Quran. The dome on the West side there is a calligraphy surat Al-Baqarah verse 255, surat Al-Baqarah verse 284-285, and mail An-Nur verses 35. The dome on the East side there is a calligraphy letters Ar-Rum verse 30-33 and surat Al-Bayinah v. 5. On the north side of the dome calligraphy surat Al-Anbiya verse 107, Lukman 17-18, verse and surat Al-Fath verse 29. While at the dome on the South side there is a calligraphy letters An-Nahl verse 97, surat At-Tawba, verse 105 letter Ali Imran verse 112 surat Al-An’aam, verse 132-133, and mail An-Nisa verse 32. Each verse of the Quran are arranged in 3 rows while the fourth row in each dome pinned Asma al Husna.

Al A’zhom mosque with a dome of the greatest and most beautiful mosques in the world also has towers on all four sides. Not just that alone. It also features a number of facilities supporting activities of worship or other needs. Details of special prayers there are men and women who each equipped preparation room, ablution facilities, study spaces, a library, a mihrab, Office, and equipment.

12 most interesting Easter traditions from around the world

12 most interesting Easter traditions from around the world

Children in the United States grow to expect delivery of eggs from the Easter Bunny and candy every year, but it may seem strange to a number of people outside the country of Uncle Sam that.

Brought to the U.S. by immigrants Germany in the 1700 ‘s, the custom is rooted in the belief that the rabbit and egg symbolizes fertility and rebirth.

Although it has become a norm in the USA, other countries have different cultures in celebrating Passover.

Poland for example, there is a tradition of drenching each other with water in celebration of Easter, while in Norway there is a tradition of reading a novel that revolves around a crime.

The following 12 traditions of Passover from all around the world, offered from the page

1. Finland
Children in this Scandinavian country of begging on the streets with faces full of soot and scarf on the head. They also carry a broom, kettles and twigs.

In some areas in the West of Finland, people burn bonfires on Easter Sunday. The tradition stems from the belief that fire ward off witches flying on brooms with good Friday to Easter Sunday.

2. Poland
Interlocking flush water each other is a tradition in Poland while celebrating Passover Smingus-Dyngus named.

On Easter Monday, the boy flush water with buckets, water pistols or whatever. The legend says, the girl who wet because the water spray will get married this year.

The water flush the tradition has its origins when the baptism of Prince of Poland Miezko on Easter Monday 966M.

3. Haux, France
Don’t forget the fork if you’re in a city that lies in the southern part of France is on Easter Monday. Each year a giant omelette served on the town square.

Giant omelette is using 4,500 eggs and edible for up to 1,000 people.

The story started when Napoleon and his army travel pass South of France. They stop in a small town and eat the omelet.

Napoleon is very fond and voraciously eating the omelet. He then ordered the townspeople to collect their eggs and make a giant omelette for his army the next day.

4. Corfu, Greece
On the morning of Holy Saturday, the tradition of “Throwing Pots” takes place on the island of Corfu Greece. People throw pots and other pottery from the window which was later destroyed in the streets.

Some say it comes from Venice, where on the first day of the new year people throw out all their old stuff. Some people believe throwing a pot is part of the menyembut spring, symbolizing a new plant that will grow in a pot.

5. Norway
Easter is a popular time for people to read novels that Norway tells about the crimes in which the Publisher of the book comes with a special edition of “Easter Thrillers”, known as Paaskekrimmen.

This tradition is said to have started in 1923 when a book publisher promoting a new novel criminal story on the front page of the newspaper. These ads resemble news so it makes so many people be deceived.

6. Rome, Italy
On good Friday the Pope commemorates the Via Crucis (way of the cross) at the Colosseum: a large crucifix with a lighted torch lit up the sky.

Mass is celebrated on the night of Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday, thousands of visitors gathered in Saint Peter’s square to await the Pope’s blessing from the balcony of the Church, known as “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world).

7. the Czech Republic and Slovakia
You travel to Eastern European countries during the Passover? If so, you have to be careful. There is a tradition of Easter Monday in which men hitting women with whips made of willow branches and decorated with Ribbon.

According to legend, willow was the first tree to bloom in spring, so the branches required to transfer the vitality and fertility tree to women.

The Act of hitting is not intended to cause pain, but it’s done in fun.

8. Verges, Spain
On Maundy Thursday in the medieval town of Verges, Spain, the tradition of “reel de la mort” or “dance of death” carried out.

Everyone wears a costume skeleton and marched in the streets. The procession ends with a scary skeleton who brought a box of ashes. The dance tradition started at midnight and continued for three hours until the morning.

9. Washington, DC
Over the past 130 years, the White House has hosted Easter Egg Roll. Such activities are rolled the hard boiled eggs with a large spoon. However, this time the event offers more entertainment, like music performance, egg hunting and crafts decorate the eggs.

10. Hungary
“Springkling”, is a popular Easter tradition in Hungary done on Easter Monday, also known as “Ducking Monday”. A boy spray the perfume or perfumed water to flush out the girls.

How to Overcome the Google Play Not Working

Google play redeem codes – Every Android users may have experienced the Google Play Store sudden crashing and burning. Have you ever received an error message when downloading an application or when you start the Play Store and it does not work, it’s all really annoying. Here are some tips that will make the Google Play Store working on your phone.

Hasil gambar untuk How to Overcome the Google Play Not Working

How to Overcome the Google Play Not Working

Google play redeem codes , Nowadays, many people who get Google Play Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09, which seems to happen quite often to Android users when trying to download the application. But the problem will not disappear after you try to download it again, so you have to enter the first setting. Also, since the problem is not due to individual users, but Google Play itself, we hope it will be fixed in the near future. Meanwhile, here is what you can do:

1. Log in to your device’s Settings
2. tap Applications or App Manager (named differently depending on your device).
3. swipe ” All ” column.
4. Scroll down until you see ” Google Services Framework ”
5. Finally, choose ” clear data ” and then OK.
If the above does not succeed recommend to try the next trick:

1. Empty the cache

In most cases, you only need to clear your Play Store app’s cache. This is a temporary storage area that will store data that can then be quickly taken again without needing to be reloaded, which means that pages will load faster. To empty it, you just need to open the settings and find the section ‘All’ and find the Google Play Store. Tap on it and press the ‘Empty Cache. Now when you go to Google Play, it should go on as before.

2. Delete Data

If the first tip does not work, then you can try to delete the data from the Play Store. This pretty much sets the app back to the starting point and eliminates much of the information stored. This option is again found by following the same route as above, but this time you press the ‘Delete Data’.

3. Uninstall Play Store updates

Even this can help. Sometimes an update will get Google Play all out of order, so it makes sense to uninstall updates you make to go into the settings, look for the Google Play Store and press the button that says ‘Uninstall Updates’. Google Play will again go back to the original version as it appeared when it was first installed on your device.

4. Google Play Services

If Google Play is still not successful, then empty the cache for Google Play Services can be done with tricks. Go to the application manager in your settings, look for Google Play Services and press the ‘Empty Cache.

5. Activate Download Manager

If you have turned off the Download Manager, Google Play will not work anymore. To get it back, go to Settings, then App Manager (or equivalent) and all applications. Looking for Download Manager and press the button to enable. However, if this button says deactivate, no worries, this means that the Download Manager is enabled.

6. Remove Google account and restore

Back to your phone settings, but this time for the ‘Accounts’ and select Google and select the Google account you use for Google Play. Press the action key overflow (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) or soft button on a Samsung device menu and select ‘Clear Akun’. Konfirmasi of your choice and reboot your smartphone. Restore your Google account after it has actually loaded by going through Settings> Accounts> Add Account> Google.

7. Perform a Factory Data Reset your smartphone

If you’ve done everything written above and still does not work, then you may need to use the main steps to reset your phone’s data factory. It could be the only way out of Google Play misery. However, be forewarned that all your data will be lost, so it’s super important to do a full backup first.

To perform Factory Data Reset You go to your Settings once again, the ‘Backup and Reset’ and select ‘Factory Data Reset’ at the bottom of the list. Your smartphone will start again and go back to how it was when you first . Next process is complete, you can set it up again as before, and restore the backup.

Good luck and good luck if you do not succeed I beg m’f here because I just want to help and share knowledge so I hope that How to Overcome the Google Play not Work can be useful.

Recipes How to Make Delicious Fried Chicken Padang

Welcome to the readers, have any idea what to cook these days, if still confused consider just reference the recipe how to make this tasty chicken super field. Chicken meat is indeed that can be processed into various types of food, there is a yellow spice fried chicken,  fried chicken, fried chicken Sundanese and fried chicken typical field which we will discuss in this occasion.
Recipes How to Make Delicious Fried Chicken Padang
Fried chicken fields can be found in the restaurant field, but than you buy at a price that is quite expensive better to make your own for much cheaper. Chickens are suitable for making chicken fried chicken is a young field. You can get chicken in traditional markets, but if it does not find the chicken you can also use chicken pieces. Okay go see the recipe to make fried chicken meadow below.


How to Make Fried Chicken Recipes Padang


Material :

– 2 young chickens, each split into 4
– 2 tablespoons lime juice
– 2 eggs, lightly beaten
– 2 segment thumb galangal, grated
– to taste Cooking oil, for frying

How to make :

1. Wash the chicken thoroughly, then coat chicken with spices and lime juice. Let stand for 30 menitan order meresa perfect seasoning.
2. After the marinated chicken dip into beaten eggs which have been mixed with grated galangal.
3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken in hot oil till golden brown (ripe).
4. Remove and drain.

It turned out to make fried chicken meadow easy is not it? The food is very suitable to eat with loved ones accompanied by white rice and sambal. So that we can share, good luck and thanks for reading Recipes to Make Fried Chicken Padang .

How to Be Agent of Flight Ticket Reservation Business

How to Be Agent of Flight Ticket Reservation Business

How to Be Agent of Flight Ticket Reservation Business

Every transportation has their own speed. Going to any places by plane is recommended for you, who has limited time to be arrived at the certain place. Especially for you who love the height. You can see how beautiful earth is from the sky.

Source : Bisnis Tiket Pesawat bersama Kudo

People nowadays also cannot wait too long to reach the place they want because this is the instant area, the instant world. Therefore everything happens fast. Because of it, you are recommended to have a business in flight ticket reservation. There are a lot of people out there that do not know how to do reservation for ticket because it is their first time of flying by plane. There are also such a busy man that does not have enough time to do the reservation themselves. This case could be the reason of you to start your business now!

Having a business in flight ticket reservation does not need much budget or modal. You can even ask your customers to pay you first than you can pay the ticket to the website where you buy the ticket. It is quite easy to do because all you need is a gadget with a good internet connection.

First thing you have to do when you decide to start this kind of business is to make sure that people around you know that you have this business. Also about the price. Every one admits that the profit is very important when you run a business. But you have to know that the high price can also make you lose your customers. People nowadays loves to make any comparison especially if it is something which is related to money. It will be quiet hard to sell your ticket.

The most important thing is you know about what your customers want and need. Maybe you can ask them for the flight detail they want such as the plane, the cost and also about what time they want to take off and landed.

Online Shopping Tips You Have To Know

Online Shopping Tips You Have To Know

This method must be a little common to you, if you have ordered online before. You’ll soon expand more at-ease with online shopping environment.

Once you store online.The Internet allows you to locate the best discounts, shop around to discover the best option.

Hackers target the massive shopping websites to get individual data and compromise into your accounts.

Online Shopping Tips You Have To Know

Never provide your social security details to everyone when purchasing online. No site requires that information so that you can offer you anything. Get the website off quickly to see a one that is reputable.

Read all product information on the items which you need to obtain. Just observing an image online might be deceiving. It might create a solution look the measurement that is incorrect in comparison to truth. Make sure to examine descriptions as a way to understand what you are getting.

Promotion codes are available over a smart way to save money when shopping online. By entering these requirements that only need a couple minutes looking they might be for percentages or free transport off just.

Take a look at merchandise page your item is on with care.Remember that the merchandise images online may not be exactly represent that which you get.

Assessment all details extensively to make sure do you know what you want.

Vacations could be large even online, for offers and income. Some sites not merely provide although discount free shipping on vacations.

You shouldn’t be spending the retail cost at online websites. Shops usually have schedules for when specified things on sale. By choosing and waiting just the time time that is right, maybe you are ready to save a good deal from standard rates. Endurance can help you save a bunch of cash.

Checkout online discount and deals websites before purchasing online like Before shopping to ensure that you receive the discount you need to make sure to make use of the sites.

Several merchants offer reductions, so examine package websites before buying. Even coupons for basic shipping is worth a bundle of your time.

Register with obtain newsletters from your own favorite retailers that are online. They will send you information regarding items that you will have an interest in. you are able to prevent missing out before others on hot items as well as acquire some deep savings by subsequent newsletters should you shop typically in a particular site hargapromosupermarket

It’s a great idea to make sure that the reliable company like UPS can produce it; investing in bigger shipment makes sense in cases like this if you buy something that costs a lot of income believed the World Wide Web. It is also recommended to fund one- or two- delivery and protected.

Coupon requirements are always valuable when attempting to spend less while items that are getting online. Lots of sites provide reductions coupons, to students, when you sign up to their newsletters. Performing some study ahead of time may find yourself to considerable savings.

While searching for clothing or sneakers, kind results prior to searching. It is a poor experience to seek out something you like that is unavailable within your size. You’re able to lessen your chances of being dissatisfied by not having to find out out those objects right from the beginning.

Always make sure you are on a reliable shop. As you’ll be going for personal information within their website this can be especially important. Your individuality might be taken, when the website isn’t trusted. You may be cost loads of cash and time by this issue.

Some privacy policies permit the sharing of other info along with your email address to marketers.Hotmail and Yahoo certainly are a number of websites providing free email records that could be used just for buying online.

There are certainly a lot of online shopping websites with actual stores offering free transport when shipping for the retailers. When they offer free website to shop shipping if an online shop features a physical area towards you, notice. Choosing items up at the shop can save you lots of money that could have been used on transport.

Much is excellent, but you have to think about a dealeris customer service too. It may be very frustrating to have difficulties having instructions corrected. It is occasionally more at another online store as you are able to trust to offer great support to you.

To help you discover bargains, do complete research on any certain items before you produce a purchase.Look at bargain sites for offers. You check the top listings to find the best option out and could also do the product you seek to Google.

House furnishings, furniture and like home devices, can be purchased online for substantial savings if you should be ready to help with some study period. You could save hundreds by investing a little of time evaluating items and objects. Several suppliers can fit to offer the best deal.

Check if any of your favorite online stores offer price match to view. This may help you to get customer loyalty is built by the savings plus you. Some websites offer this support but-don’t mention it around the undeniable fact that match is priced by them.

Be cautious not when purchasing online overspend. You need to carefully consider your budget, while you might find some amazing discounts. Several stores need one to acquire quickly by giving various occasion- sensitive offers, do not allow these deals to influence you to make a purchase you really don’t have to produce.

Check the guidelines that come out of your most out loved the goods pick online shops.These options you bought in the past or looked over lately. This makes a great way to get new product and spend less available for sale.

You will locate everyday and weekly offers offered by the web websites you visit. Check the existing offers out of your favorite stores that are online you frequent-every week for new offers. Thumb income and daily specials can provide you really low rates, but make time to contemplate everything you’re buying.

There are certainly a large amount of items that are wonderful about onlineshopping and you should know about them now. With all the developments in technology, onlineshopping has grown. Be sure which means you’re ready to contain oneself more you retain what exactly you went over in head.

Create Public Speaking Very Simple With This Specific Guidance

Create Public Speaking Very Simple With This Specific Guidance

Several people worry talking before crowds. When they may many may prevent engaging in any kind of public-speaking events. This short article includes some suggestions that are good to enable you to be considered a speaker that is well informed.

You genuinely believe that people may instantly understand what you are saying and can’t talk in public places. You have to try to obtain and stay during your talk with you.


Ensure that you determine what you realize your substance completely.Even whenever you memorize your talk, understanding details cracks and numbers to the subject with regard is definitely useful. Perform them in whenever you certainly will interact your present market and believe they can fit. They’re also as it pertains period for that market on in follow-up discussions assist you to.

Create Public Speaking Very Simple With This Specific Guidance

Usually take a look at your market regularly when you’re talking in public places. Don’t allow oneself become diverted by other activities which may be occurring nearby.

Familiarize yourself using the location where you stand utilizing to provide your speech.Test your speech inside it to determine just how much you’ve to task. Exercise applying any gear to understand how it works. Learn if they’re present how to utilize the graphic helps. Obtain of just how much selection of eye-contact you’ll have to create a concept blog omdimas

Training is the greatest method to make sure that you understand what you are likely to state. Which means you can create changes wherever required exercise the talk by yourself.

Don’t consider liquor or medicines just before providing your talk. It may really backfire although it may appear to be an excellent confidence enhancement. There’s nothing more scary than forgetting everything because of the booze you consumed prior to the talk and preparing to provide a speech.

Grin when you are able and move the fingers. The market is sure when you have a great perspective to present understanding.

Exercise your talk each day. This can enable since it will end up second-nature develop your assurance. Consider your notecards with you towards the podium even although you’ve memorized your talk.

Exercise again and again your talk till it is ideal. While searching before the toilet mirror to determine the way you will have the ability do that recommend methods to create the talk that you might have to change.

Create folks remember one’s speech’s finish unforgettable if you like it to be appreciated. The speech’s finish is what individuals remember.A closing that is dull is not likely to assist your talk rapidly.

Notecards can actually help out you. Maintain a published backup useful in the event you drop your home although it is better to possess your talk devoted to storage.

Anybody may learn to talk efficiently before a group. With helpful suggestions and a few exercise, you makes it meet your needs. Training over and over can make you quite strong. Remember these recommendations provided as it pertains period for you really to the next talk that is public. Than you believe it’s simpler.

Get Informed About Public Talking To These Easy To Follow Guidelines

Get Informed About Public Talking To These Easy To Follow Guidelines

Would you desire to talk nicely in public places but are held-back by your personal emotions of drawback? You’re not by yourself as it pertains to concern and a wish. This short article will help fine-tune your public-speaking abilities.

You-can’t talk in public places and genuinely believe that people may instantly follow that which you are currently saying. Perform difficult to maintain it and you’ve to fully capture.

Get Informed About Public Talking To These Easy To Follow Guidelines

Time oneself to discover your talk to understand one’s speech.This’ length offers you to modify the talk if essential to maintain it in the size that is correct. Study and discover extra information to complete the full time if you discover your talk isn’t enough. When you’re providing a talk never hurry.

Then it is time for you to shine on your shipping once you have dedicated the talk to storage. Memorizing the talk also makes ad-libbing on-stage much more comfortable.

Being a speaking in public that is good impressions.Have of that which you want to state a concept. You need to do some study to ensure your declaration are informative. Write the items you wish to state down. Remember before you own it memorized to exercise your talk. Being organized permits you the assurance you have to be a fruitful presenter.

When talking usually encounter the market regularly. Don’t become diverted by another thing occurring within the space.

Once you memorize it, exercise your talk more than. While you have to to be able to perfect the talk exercise frequently. You have to focus on the speed of one’s speaking and also breathing. Abandon period for almost any market disruptions like applause and fun. Where you’ll provide your talk exercise the surroundings.

Make sure before planning your speech.Do an extensive kind of study that allows one to begin to see the subject from all attributes, you possess a great knowledge about your subject. You’ll be more prepared whenever you understand how to answer their concerns.

Be familiar with who your market you’re talking in-front of.Having some knowledge of a number of your audience customers makes it appear experience that is more pleasant.

Preventing and time for the center to re-include it may damage the whole speech.In inclusion, the market isn’t likely to realize that you skipped a little part of your talk that is ready.

Understand of what your material.Pick a fascinating topic that you are familiar with the the inner workings.

Exercise creating your talk every single day you’re likely to provide. Because the substance can make you are feeling organized this can provide you with assurance. It is still worth getting some records when you really provide the speech even although you’ve memorized your speech.

If you like it to be appreciated create the finish of one’s talk having a remarkable. People’s thoughts are stuck in by the closing significantly more than every other area of the speech may set the tone for the whole talk. There isn’t a dull closing likely to assist your talk rapidly.

It’s a well known fact that excellent speakers are extremely important people. Consider center, since you will find actions you can begin getting today if you should be thinking about joining the rates of such people. Make use of the guidance which you have read below to get going.

How To Plan Reasonable Home And Garden

It is undeniable that there is a high demand from society to have a well-designed home. It happened due to the need of society toward comfort space to spend their leisure time at home after working. In addition, most of the demands are to have a beautiful and multifunction of home and garden.

There are basically two reasons why the above specifications are appeared. Firstly, people want to have home completed with the place in which they can refresh their mind and breath fresh air from their natural garden. Secondly, they want to have long term investment through upgrading the beauty of its home.

Dealing with the willingness to have well- functioned and good appealing design of home and garden, people should consider three points. The first and foremost point is to identify the theme and style that are willing to be applied in the desired designed. It is important because each theme has its own characteristic and it is sometimes difficult to be matched with others.

The second point is budget. It mostly becomes another important point for some people. However, ensure that the limited budget doesn’t lead to the lower quality of building that possibly ruins both the aesthetic and special serve of home and garden. In case the budget is limited, it is better to have several steps to build and create perfect and elegant home and garden.

The last but not least, try to review home and garden books or magazine in order to get rich ideas regarding to have a good look and comfortable design. It is another good idea too for having consultation with the expert. It is so because the expert enables to match between the sizes of land available, the designed desired and the budget estimation.

Characteristic of Minimalist Home Interior

The increasing of population has significantly affected the number of either food supplies or land available in the world. Consequently, it causes many people in some parts in the world get starvation. However, in this article I will not discuss the above phenomenon. In addition, I will talk how that case indirectly stimulate people to have minimalist home and how to cope that problem by creating a luxurious and comfortable home through identifying the most elements of home interior.

Dealing with the problem stated above, actually, there is no in need of long explanation. It simply can be predicted that the imbalance number of people and land has made the price of land becomes more expensive. As a result, people have to satisfy with small land to build minimalist home. This is also the reason why the concept of minimalist home is much demanded by people.

Without regard to the size of its home, people are still able to create elegant and luxurious home design without showing distracted impression. It can be done by choosing simple architecture, design and color of furniture, furnishings and accessories.

To begin with, avoid the complex architecture of home because it will only create smaller space. Having so many walls to separate different rooms is also not suggested since it consumes much space. Try to design more open room such open kitchen united with dining room. The union of kitchen and dining room will also reduce the amount of accessories at that place. With less number of accessories, it prevents messy appearance of room. Ensure that the material, size and the color strengthen more spacious feel.

The next point is the choice of color either for walls or floors. It is important because color has great role to create spacious area. Thus, it is highly recommended to choose neutral color such as white, pale terra-cottas or grey. Meanwhile for flooring, it has no slightly distinction with the concept applied for walls. It is still advised to choose sleek and shiny tile for the similar purposes of minimalist home interior.