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Garden City Park, Pasupati Thematic In Bandung

As we know, open green space or TELEGINEN is an area that is styled with the elements and the structure of natural ecological processes can run in order to balance the ecosystem around the area of TELEGINEN. One form of TELEGINEN is the city parkor green areas which are often utilized for interaction of fellow citizens or as a place for various community activities.

The existence of the grounds of the city is very important to improve the quality of life of the citizens and maintain the environmental conservation so that it not only contains various kinds of vegetation, but also features a variety of amenities such asseating, sports arena, and various other facilities.

One of the city’s Park in Bandung is Garden Pasupati is about 30 m x 25 m and is in the middle of the city of Bandung, West Java. In the past, the area that is located just below the overpass Pasupati it tends to be neglected and yet dark and deserted. Governments city of Bandung tukang taman minimalis “conjure up” this area into a comfortable open spaces to hangout and is suitable for a container of “expression”, especially for young children.

Almost the entire floor area lined by block paving and concrete cubes with differentsize that serves as an ornament/artwork while sitting. On the other side of the Park,created for the area also play skateboard skateboard or the shape of the letter U. Uniquely again, one Wall Street cantilever column is also decorated with murals.

Plant the herbs in a way perhaps not hang completely new things. However, the hanging planter this time not only for growing plants in an area outside the House, such as a terrace or garden, but also in the House. Not to mention, the design and the shape that can instantly caught my attention. That way, the plant can appear more seg and making the interior look more attractive.

Designing “Fantasy Garden” At The Narrow Land

Proper planning is required to build a park on the grounds of narrow so it looks neat and attractive look. If you plan to build children’s home, the concept of the gardenat a restaurant that is located in the city of Bandung might inspire you.

In contrast to the concept of the garden landscape designers in General, Andi and Doni from X-Otic Garden, try to apply the concept of themed ‘ Fantasy Garden ‘. The uniqueness of the Park covering an area of 1-2 metres this looks at the partition (divider) who raised the concept of the image of the view an outdoor koi fish which are positioned vertically. Patterned walls tukang taman gresik depicting the pattern of water waves (wave) overlaid with synthetic grass (synthetic grass) as the background from the bottom of the pool. As for the ranks of Calathea plants serve to obscure the wall on the other side.

As for the Park area surrounding horizontal partitioning is completed by plant chives runt as ground cover because the plant proved to be resistant to micro-climate like this. Among the expanse of dwarf Allium Tuberosum plants are concentrated, dark green, planted several types of Bromeliads which have shaped leaves exoticism rosset whereas the colorful leaves colors be accent.

Other garden elements such as accessories, hard materials, and lighting is the enhancement of the overall elements that contribute to form the garden atmosphere. Ornament lamp made from a conical iron framework placed upside down, then filledwith chunks of rock in it. Bias light to penetrate between the stone cracks, very exotic to form an atmosphere around the restaurant be more romantic feel.

The design world is constantly evolving, no exception to the presence of diverse forms of unique planter for the plant. However, among all of the design there are some who start much favored. Not only because of its design and shape, but also its influence for the look of the House. Some of the planter is perhaps already been viewed or applied. If not, this is the right time to bring the plants with more beautiful andmesmerizing. The following four trends that could be a planter for growing plants at home!

Indonesia brand penetrated the world of fashion in London

Indonesia brand penetrated the world of fashion in London

Brand Indonesia penetrated fashion in London which is one of the world’s fashion center which annually hosts the exhibition of Pure London at Exhibition Hall Olympia, London.


This exhibition is a meeting of “business-tobusiness” for fashion products, ranging from clothes, pants, bags, and other accessories, so Implementing the economic function of the EMBASSY in London, Hastin A.B. Dumadi to between London, Wednesday.


He said the interesting thing from Pure London held over three days from the date of 14 February 12 sampak it, this year is the presence of two fashion brand that originated in Indonesia namely SME Esre Denim featuring pants and shirts for men, andSchmiley Mo featuring clothes for women.


The two companies were the first to participate in the activities of this exhibition. Razka Pradana from new Denim Esre completed studies in the United Kingdom MBAnya said that her wish to see the United Kingdom and European market potential for the product prianya clothes through the event exhibition. Esre producing clothes men and jeans from Bandung.


While Anggi from Schmiley Mo says the response of visitors quite positive because they quite liked the innovative designs of his own designed by its owner, Dina Rikasari. Mo Schmiley production center in Jakarta.


Anggi convey will soon follow up on a number of inquiries that come from visitors during the exhibition in progress to standnya.


I highly appreciate the initiative and the Mo Schmiley Esre independently participate in this exhibition. As this not only will give greater opportunity for them to markettheir products to foreign countries, but also provide an opportunity for them to see the development of fashion from different countries participating in the exhibition, “said Hana Satriyo, wife of Ambassador RI London, who visited the stand and Esre Schmiley in Olympia alongside military attaché of trade London, Nur Setyoko.


Hastin A.B. Dumadi says considering the activities of the exhibit more business-to-business“, the exhibitors do not trade in its products during the cast took place. On the sidelines of the exhibition was also held a fashion show event and dialogue regarding the development of fashion is quite suck the attention of many visitors.


Each year, approximately 1000 participants participated in the exhibition including from Estonia, Relax Baby Be Cool, featuring the entirety of its products batik shirt is good to the use of women and men.


Design batik displayed company from Estonia drew the attention of visitors because of the design being adapted to interest teenagers.


Every product also comes with information about style and origin of batik cloth used in small sheets of paper affixed on each products batik are displayed.

Josephine Alexandra, The Beautiful Fingerstyle Guitar Wiz

Guitar fingerstyle technique is indeed notable for its high level of harga gitar akustik the fair, many guitarists who complained of difficulties while learning the techniques of fingerstyle and likely many who gave up in the middle of the road, but this is not for the gorgeous guitarist Josephine Alexandra.

Cute girl aged 14 years and was several times appeared on instagram @indomusikgram, with a pleasant appearance. This account contains the appearance of people who are gifted in the field of art music in 15 seconds. 3rd grade students of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL of St. James Kelapa Gading, Jakarta with lincahnya played her fingersover the fret guitar. Not just any play guitar, you know. He played guitar with fingerstyle technique.

Fingerstyle technique is a way to play guitar by plucking the strings directly-the strings of the guitar using the fingertips, fingernails or pick the in pairs on your right. It took a high concentration of expertise and to be able to play guitar with this technique. The appearance of the youngest of 3 brothers would make we berdecak AWE.

Josephine began studying music since the age of 4 years. Then, he studied piano since registered parents. When the 4th grade, he began to study other instruments such as guitar, drums, violin and saxophone. After trying many musical instruments, hefell in love with the guitar. In order for the more proficient, Josephine also learned from YouTube.

Josephine also started recording and uploading to YouTube guitar game. And as it turns out, the response was very good. A lot of people who see his abilities and asked her to perform at school events.

A myriad of achievements in the field of music have been successful at raihnya. From the national and international music competitions, such as the Asean International Concerto Competition. He has also won 1 race open guitar on Instagram, held by @indomusikgram. From here is people getting acquainted with Josephine in cyberspace

Tina S, Talented Young Guitarist In The World Was Talking About

For a young 15 year old girl, what’s her ability to play the guitar very well, of courseit is the talent that ought to be proud of. Yet coupled with the electric guitar he carried instruments, capable of playing Classic as well as an incredible game techniquesabove average adults. This is Tina’s, a talented young guitarist is very promising forthe great career that is currently in the perbincangkan world.

Difficulty levels are shown the girl’s birth Paris 1999 was arguably very fantastic, ambitious plans are still very young range of dwarf guitar had top class capable of he toko gitar mastered to perfection.

France-born Tina was already acquainted with the world of the guitar since the age of 6 years, starting with the standard curriculum at the Conservatory of classical music. At age 13, tina decided to switch to the world a more rock’n ‘ roll and start playing on an electric guitar that is generally dominated by adam as a form of musical expression that want he lives to be developed into an audio visual appearance that makes audiences berdecak amazed when playing solo in bimbimbing directly by the teacher named Renaud Louis-Servais.

Proven to be the ultimate songs from Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater to extreme metal band Dragon Force any dilahap discharged by the beautiful idolizes the guitarist Slash and Van Helen it easily and even almost exactly the same as the original format.

Until Tina any endors by Vigier guitars Guitar, faithful to accompany the remarkable appearance of tina in various video he uploaded on youtube.

Nita Strauss was born in California on 7 December 1986. The 28-year-old woman started her career since the age of 13, playing in a variety of metal music event in America. She never learned the guitar or music formally.

In 2011, he managed to be top on the list of 10 Female Guitarists You Should Knowaka “10 Guitarists You Ladies should know” version of the iconic music magazine Guitar World.

The name Nita Strauss began frequently heard in rock music scene since her joiningIron Maiden tribute band The Iron Maidens, an all female casualties. In 2014, he replaced the guitarist position requested accompanist Alice Cooper, Orianthi Panagaris.Play with the name of Alice Cooper more expose Nita Strauss to a larger audience.

keep the cat is not caused mental disorders

keep the cat is not caused mental disorders

A study from University College London confirmed that kept the cats do not relate to the appearance of psychotic symptoms.


These findings into a rebuttal against the previous research that they grew up together in higher-risk cat experiencing mental disorders.


The message for the cat-keeping is no evidence to suggest that cat brings out the child’s risk of experiencing mental health disorders,” said study author, Dr. Francesca Solmi.


He said the study, published in Psychological Medicine that focused study of 5,000 people born in 1991 and 1992.


Investigators continue to follow the development of the participants until they reach 18 years of age. Research data includes whether or not there are cats in the Housethough mothers in the middle of the House and kids while there is growing and growing.


Our Study shows keep the cat during pregnancy is not directly related to the risk ofthe appearance of psychotic symptoms,” said Dr James Kirkbride, senior researcher.


Even so, researchers cautioned that Toxoplasma Gondii (t. Gondii) that are found in cats need to remain wary of becoming a risk for pregnant women and fetal development.


T. Gondii can cause problems serious birth defects and other health problems in children. We recommend that pregnant women could not handle cat feces because it contains t. Gondii, “he said as reported by Fox News.
It is revealed the Director of the behavioral sleep medicine of New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, Shelby Harris. According to him, take a shower before bed gives the body a chance to cooling and trigger the body to sleep.
Many studies suggest a shower for 20 minutes will effect conferring for your body.However, Harris recommends one and a half hours. That way, when you lie down, your body becomes chilled, dry and ready for bed.
In addition, you can also clean the face while showering. According to the NationalSleep Foundation, this way can help cleanse the skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce acneand moisturizing night cream helps to work more effectively.

Do not be afraid to bring the baby to swim, this 5 benefits!

Go for a swim. prioritize the swim benefits rather than think about what bad effectsif the child was taught to swim since infancy.


Swimming Australia professional coach, laurie lawrence reveal, there are many benefits of teaching children to swim since the beginning. not only have the habit of making it with water to reduce the risk of him drowning, swim since the beginning are also useful for change as well as the development of the child.

The kids all nine bln. swim in the womb, thus in fact has a natural as well as why notproceed, he explained, like written womansday.

Want to know the benefits of inviting children to swim since the baby? This is it:

1. The children who swim since infancy, has added a good motor changes. swim make baby moves all their body, starting from the hands, feet and head.

2. The children who swim from a young age can have a habit of follow the instructions or to listen to the pronunciation of other people. This subject makes the power of growing kognitifnya. changes of koginitif in infants include thinking, learning, andproblem solving.

3. Children who learn to swim as a child can more easily adapt and kontraktor watepark with others. the subject because of the time, they generally swim meets with the other kids.

4. Time to swim, children learn how people talk time give instructions to move. to the front, children who learn to swim since the baby is his ability to talk can be developed more quickly.

5. Swim with regular also can change the appetite and sleep patterns.

So the little one does not fall ill after swimming, be aware of many things:

1. strive not swallow pool water. When it has started huge, teach how his pace so as not to swallow the water. generally due to swallow pool water this is then exposed to germs and get sick.

2. the child must bathe before time and after a swim sesegara perhaps. the sweat as well as the use of sunscreen can also lower the content of chlorine. that’s because by taking a bath after a swim to do so that germs are not embedded in the skin.

3. If the child takes a break to swim, wash your hands especially. clean hands with SOAP which contain a disinfectant.

Swimming Is Good For The Development Of The Body With Style

Swimming Is Good For The Development Of The Body With Style

Sports swimming is indeed good for heart health, body changes as well as the lungsof the children. and I believe when the power children for swimming since the age of the beginning of many factors influence the understanding of the importance of parents can introduce the sport of swimming well, dng is correct, as well as absolute:wrote a very safe!
Swimming For Body
Although up to now they are still wearing swim buoy mounted on arms, however I look them up that they have no fear-the fear again and can move her legs and hands to ride on the water.

Water sports are yg this one is indeed good for health and body changes the heartand lungs. and I believe when the power children for swimming since the age of early influence by many factor can introduce the importance of parents understandingthe sport of swimming well, dng is correct, as well as absolute: wrote a very safe!

To provide the most good in terms of introducing the sport of swimming, may register their children to the pool or club can also teach private way. want to know more jasa perawatan kolam renang about the sports encounter swimming? Rubric bz! blogaraga can currently reviewing 4 easy steps to introduce and teach the sport of swimming on a child you can doyourself.

A swimming sports health yg yg give excellent body on health as well as physical:

To increase stamina.
To train the muscles of the body
To train the heart and lungs work more effective way, which gave the circulation of oxygen throughout the body
For the power train of floats when exercise, as well as to reduce the strain on the body.
Although swimming is a sport or a game of piquant for children, as parents or swimming pool guide there are many absolutes yg need also you examine closely all dngyou’re there with him in the swimming pool:

No need in a hurry, do step 4 above by way of a gradual, wrote a very absolute deference you for introducing children on sports swimming can be realized.
Do not stand too far away from the child, the child can always make sure see you there are nearby, so he is more safe and more daring play in the water.
Make sure also that the buoy on her arm attached at both the dng an ideal position,due to the movement of his hands in water sometimes can make the position of buoy too up or too down.
Swim on toddlers more is something of a game of sports, by something because it shall not abashed to bring also a rubber ball/plastic, rubber duck, as well as other toys that could use the water that he was more interested to play in the water.
Also keep in mind that it takes 4 steps above the good done in the pool dng depthat least one mtr.. do not worry your child can drown due to additional security can give a float for her. but when your child is expanding the number to play in outdoorkids (yg berkedalaman generally 1/2 mtr.), remove the float arm, and always supervise your child carefully dng.

The basics of Swimming Styles there are 4 styles:

Swimmers put feet and hands in the water. 2nd hand driven unison dng circular motions, as well as stretching out the fore swimmer then forwarded to-air as well as back to the bottom of the Chin. and at the same time, swimmers were kicking their legs like a frog in the dng.

Free style that is yg style very quickly. in the freestyle, swimmers through the head of one hand and the other pushes past the water. at the time of in unison, walk overand move down swimmers dng fast

The swimmer must remain in a position to overshadow water every time, if the current play. foot action like a freestyle. the hands move one by one by way of regular dng circular motion through the swimmer’s head and then forwarded keair.

Butterfly Style
Butterfly style i.e. wrote a very difficult style master. swimmers swung his arms through the water and then pull it down past the water. at the time, swimmers need simultaneous moves their feet like a dolphin kick, the 2nd leg match to move up and down in unison.

1. Faedahkan Buoy

Strive to put a float in the arms of children, not only as a precaution so that the children could not sink, float can also provide a kind of self confidence in children for more bolder move his hands and legs in the air as the initial step. good quality arm floats can be obtained easily as well as dng dng yg affordable prices on a wide array of large toy store in your city

2. Lead In Water

After your child starts brave moves the hands and feet in the water, the next step that is beginning to try to help her move in order to advance. stride: hold your child’shand on her belly a dng, created so that the position of his body horizontally

How strong someone could survive in the zone is not comfortable?

How strong someone could survive in the zone is not comfortable?

Communicators at once personal branding specialist Erwin Parengkuan assesses the strength of someone surviving in one of the uncomfortable zone is dependent on her awareness on its role and responsibilities.


All we can do, we can survive in the one place that we may not like it, if you’re veryaware with Your role and responsibility,” he said in Jakarta on Tuesday.


In the world of work programs. Someone who has less confident personality, don’t like changes, less interested in trying new things, can only cultivate jobs such as journalists.


“Although Your personality is different from that required in your job, your exampleis a journalist who claimed to have intricate thought. But you for example is the peace and the Nimble. So sometimes, you make a “silly, “said Erwin.


“You can correct if you are aware of Your role and responsibility as a journalist you need to be relevant. When someone‘s got it in her head she’s, she’s the baseball would be wrong, “she chimes in.


In addition, mentality and as strong as what someone needs also become decisive strength endures in the world that contrary to her personality.


Get the job contrary to your personality, you can change. Depends what you survive as strong, as strong as what your needs are. Mental state as strong as what it is, that’s what will make him survive or not, pungkas Erwin.