10 meals consisted of heart health

10 meals consisted of heart health

Want to keep your heart healthy? The following 10 foods you need to stay away from in favor of keep your heart health, as reported by Time.com.


1. fast-food Burger cardiologist from Hofstra University, Dr. Regina Druz says relatively high consumption of saturated fats derived from animal and carbohydrates be bad for heart health. Cooking your own meals can be a smart effort reduce the combination of saturated fat and carbohydrates.


2. Meat processed meatdagingan such as sausage and bacon can contain saturated fat. If You choose the type of containing low levels of saturated fat, need to beware of a high content of salts. Six pieces of processed meat (deli meat) can contain half your daily salt need according to jatung Health Association in America. “People should limit salt intake because sodium is associated with high blood pressure,” said the Director of the woman’s Health Program Cardiovaskular from Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr. Wexner Laxmi Mehta.


3. Fried foods a couple of studies have shown, fried foods such as French fries and so increase the risk of heart disease. This cooking method brings out the trans fat, which raises levels of bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol levels in the body.


4. Candy sugar Consumption contribute high levels gave rise to obesity, inflammation, high cholesterol, diabetes, all of which is the presence of a trigger factor for heart disease.


5. Soft drinks and juices contain sugar.


6. Cereals contains sugar even if it seems to good to be consumed at breakfast, butcereals can contain sugar. The consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in the morning can make blood sugar levels up and down,” rather than that, we recommend that you consume fruits such as avocado.


7. Most pastries baked goods primarily produced commercially are likely to contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat.


8. Margarine is still a debate questioning the appearance of the risk of cardiovascular disease due to saturated fats, such as in margarine. However, the consumption of foods containing trans fat increases the risk of high appears to be someone affected by heart disease. In order to be secure, select margarine that does not contain oil terhidrogenasi partial, or stick with olive oil instead.


9. Pizza Pizza ranks second in the list of food “savory” version of Jatung Health Association of America. These foods contain sodium and saturated fats, even in toppingnya (if it’s meat). We recommend that you choose the toppings vegetables instead.


10. Soda Numerous research shows, those who consume sodas tend to consume more calories than those who do not drink soda. In addition, chemicals in the soda can actually change the bacterial digestion and makes people more susceptible weight gain. Excess body weight merupalan one of the factors the rise of risk of heart disease.

Studies prove the drug flu does not endanger the fetus in the womb

Studies prove the drug flu does not endanger the fetus in the womb

Studies prove the drug flu does not endanger the fetus in the womb

The fetus will not be threatened danger when the mother consumes flu remedies while pregnant, according to a study involving approximately 700,000 female, on Wednesday (01/03).


It is the largest study that measures potential risk taking oseltamivir or zanamivir (commonly known as Relenza and Tamiflu) – the two main drug to treat flu infections are serious during pregnancy, says the author.


The team compared the almost 6,000 pregnant women in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and France provided recipes oseltamivir or zanamivir between 2008 to 2010, with nearly 700,000 other expectant mothers are not mengonsumsinya.


Taking into account several factors such as age, smoking habits and the use of other drugs, the team found “no increased risk for adverse consequences” of one groupcompared with another.


It includes birth weight, premature birth, the baby died in the womb or congenital defects.


Instead, the team found that the children whose mother has ever given a prescription of Tamiflu or Relenza, a drug known as neuraminidase inhibitors, the fewer chances to experience a lack of weight gain.


The team was considering there are deficiencies in their study, including that they do not assess the risk to the child before the age of 22 weeks of pregnancy, and did not know whether the woman who got a recipe that is really mengonsumsinya, reported AFP.
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Wooden watches caring tips

Wooden watches caring tips

Wooden watches caring tips

Watches bermaterial wood requires special care in order to remain durable. The one that needs to be done is to keep them away from the water.


“Don’t hit the water, sports (intensity) are hard to avoid,” said Herman Tantriady of five Watch, one of the producers of wood bermaterial watches in Jakarta, Wednesday.


In addition, when exposed to stains or soiled, we recommend that you clear the use a cloth moistened water lemon.


“If dirty, can all be cleaned with lemon water. For the battery, we supply the batteryfor free, he said.


Do not depart from the hallmark of his work that uses wood, Herman designing watches bermaterial maple wood chime iconic Disney characters, Miceky Mouse.


There are four wooden materials that we wear, but special Disney we select maple,because its characteristics are light, bright in colour. So much goes into Disney characters, he said.


Then to strap or rope, Herman using genuine leather that is available in two colours,grey and light blue.


We stamp character in (part of the dial). Then his box of pine wood. Our screen printing with the Disney characters that we use. Pine was the color of light, “said Herman.


Analog watches his dibanderol for Rp 1.7 million, relatively higher than the usual hours he created. We make 200. Backup the 90s again, “pungkas him.
“Because its star, BCL, I’d adjust his request only, with the song days like we find appropriate. From there, there is a little twist, she chimes in.
A matter of design, using Tex classic pieces that combined neutral colors such as white and basic colors such as nude and gold.
“It’s arguably I, mas Didi, supporters, his star remains BCL, support the idea. Want tolooknya like this, we will support. By the time it comes a lot of ideas already BCL, we only help polishing so that perform better, “pungkas Tex.

Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything?

Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything?

Accessories Disney characters for adult, anything

The Walt Disney Company Indonesia collaborated with seven local brands create a series collection of accessories, clothing and trinkets inspired by iconic Disney characters, such as Micky Mouse, Disney Princess and Marvel.


Country Director, Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Indonesia, Mochtar Sarman said this time the menyasar collection is among young adults.


“We want the menyasar segment of the adult, because all this does not yet exist. Many fans are asking on. Designers are also the same. A pride for us to working with talented young designers to create the iconic character of Indonesia Disney becamemore alive, “he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.


For clothing, Disney presents special fashion women themed Disney Princess characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel (with Shopatvelvet brand).


Then, the hip hop style clothing collection themed Marvel characters such as Spiderman and Iron Man (under the Monstore brand).


There is also a collection of street wear special man whose design focuses on the character Mickey Mouse (Aye & Co).


For accessories, there are watches made from wood design blends characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (in collaboration with Five brands) and leather wallet is decorated with characters Mickey Mouse (under the brand Born Goods).


Later, Dinnerware made from ceramic terinpsirasi the character Mickey Mouse handmade (Kandura) and furniture design shapes and decorated with Mickey Mouse (Odeco).


Rangakaian collection designed especially for the younger generation will connectfans with the character as well as their favorite Disney story,” said Mochtar.


The collections starting from Rp 250,000 dibanderol are present in The Warehouse of Disney, Plaza Indonesia starting today until 5 March.
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