PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. Won APTI-III-2016 Award

PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. Won APTI-III-2016 Award

PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. Received the award of the Indonesian Open Company Award III – 2016 (APTI-III-2016). The awarding for open companies (Tbk.) In Indonesia is the third time.

The objective of the APTI-III-2016 is to give awards to the growth of the company’s performance (delta growth) 2015, rewarding significant contribution to business development and economy in Indonesia. So that every company is encouraged to improve the achievement and important role in national economic development, through the improvement of performance, professionalism, and competitiveness of the company.

Located at Balai Kartini, Friday (21/10), the award of Anugerah Perusahaan Terbuka Indonesia III – 2016 was received by Cuncun Wijaya, Corporate Secretary of PT Modernland Realty Tbk. “We are grateful and grateful for the award of the Indonesian Open Company Award III 2016 Received by PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. This is the result of the hard work of the whole team, “Cuncun told

Cuncun said in October 2016, sales achievement (marketing sales) PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. Exceeding the target set for 2016. Where until the third quarter of 2016 PT Modernland Realty Tbk. Managed to book sales (marketing sales) of Rp. 962 billion.

And still in October 2016, the company managed to sell the land in Jakarta Garden City, East Jakarta worth Rp3, 4 trillion to Joint Venture (JV) company whose shares are owned by PT. Astra Land Indonesia (a 50:50 joint venture between PT Astra International Tbk and Hongkong Land Group Limited) and PT. Mitra Sindo Makmur (a subsidiary of PT Modernland Realty Tbk).

“Up to October 2016, the company managed to achieve sales (marketing sales) of Rp4, 3 trillion. This means that the achievement of marketing sales exceeded the 2016 target of marketing target set at Rp 4.2 trillion, “said Cuncun.

The 70-hectare 70-hectare urban housing development project in Jakarta Garden City, East Jakarta, is aiming to accelerate the realization of Jakarta Garden City as a township-self-contained township. This area is the largest independent city located within the city of Jakarta.

Development will be done gradually by prioritizing the functions that make a township come alive. The property products that will be created in this cooperation project include housing, apartments, commercial area and public open space area which is planned to be launched with the target market of middle to upper class.

In addition, in the third quarter of 2016 the Company sold 3.7 hectares of land in Jakarta Garden City to IKEA, a Swedish-based international retail company that sells home appliances. It is expected that the construction of IKEA can start immediately so that with the addition of this facility will be an added value for the area of ​​Jakarta Garden City in addition to AEON Mall which is currently in progress development and will start operating in 2017.

In terms of infrastructure, for example. Jakarta Garden City will be supported by several road infrastructure projected to be completed on time. Among others, the access toll connecting Jakarta Garden City to Soekarno Hatta Airport through Tj Priok – Ancol – Soetta Airport, Tipar – Cakung access road which makes it easier to Kelapa Gading area and access Jakarta Garden City to Jalan Raya Bekasi.

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