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In the field property investment it is so tantalizing. Despite the relatively large issued capital, however this is in accordance with the profit to be earned investors as he returned the property to rent or sell.

However, apparently not all property types investment profit guarantee. If one chooses, not the investment thus not impossible fruition.

Quoted Fractiown, here are some things you need to consider before buying property as an investment instrument.

First, the location

Location factors largely determine the potential yield olx rumah solo  of the product of your property in the future. Please choose a property located in strategic locations, such as near the area offices, colleges, public facilities, and shopping centers.

The more strategic location of your property, then the faster anyway the price rise at a later date. If you want to rent it, good location also becomes the deciding factor of the high rent prices that you can wear to prospective tenan.

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The distance of the property with your residence also needs to be a consideration. As an owner, you would certainly want to make sure the condition property is always in good condition to lure prospective buyers or tenants. Therefore, make sure the location is not far from the residence.

Thus property care not to foreclose on your time and energy later.

Second, the developer’s profile

If you intend purchasing a property project which is still in the stage of development to get a cheap price, then look at the properties of a project developer profile.

Find out about their portfolio and track record to ensure his credibility. This is important, because you would certainly not want the process of construction of the property that you have purchased stuck in the middle of the road because the developer has no responsibility.

The easy way to find out what projects and their developer profile that he can already be listened through the review properties that exist only in

So, be sure to choose a trusted property developers and a proven reputation.

building a positive image of a property agent

Third, market trends

Always equip themselves with issues and national property market conditions will greatly help you in your choice.

Make sure the type of property that you purchase have a high market demand and the positive projections in the next few years. Be it commercial, apartment, outlets in shopping malls or Office units.

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Remember everything can only be an asset investment unprofitable, if the momentum of the market and economic conditions are less supportive.

Fourth, capital adequacy

The price of the property you buy should be organised in accordance with the purchasing power. Do not force myself because certain buying property, later You thus faced financial difficulties each month.

Determine the schema property purchases-cash or credit-also need to be considered are cooked. If you select credit way, note the payment terms offered by bank borrowers, such as the total down payment, payment, tenor and magnitude in installments every month.

Be sure to do your research and comparison in advance, so you can choose the best credit deals and best suits your needs.

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Fifth, the condition of the property and the status of building

If You intend to buy a second hand property of products and so on, do not forget to do a survey and inspection to ensure the properties are still in good condition.

This will help you in negotiating price, and calculate the magnitude of the costs of repairs are needed afterwards. The status of the building also should not escape the attention, because it deals with your rights over the property.

Know whether the property details with a status of property rights or building use rights only, and careful legality of certificates and permissions letter.

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