The world’s biggest Mosque cupola

The world’s biggest Mosque cupola

The world’s biggest mosque cupola is located in Tangerang, Indonesia. Tangerang is a city in Banten Province. The town is at the West of the capital Jakarta. Tangerang is the largest city in Banten or including the big three in Jabotabek area. Many interesting attractions to visit as a tourist destination. Call it ranging from shopping malls such as the Bale City Mall or Tangerang City Mall and also a number of culinary attractions penggoyang tongue in the old market of Tangerang. Typical culinary Tangerang guaranteed there won’t be endless. In fact there is also a kubah enamel Chinese peranakan cuisine-Tangerang. For example, soy sauce fortification, the old market, noodle laksa tangerang, and that should not be missed in Curry chips.

Talking about the typical culinary attractions or Tangerang Tangerang there is no death. However, please note. In addition to having a lot of tourist attractions and entertainment venues are popular, Tangerang also has its own privileges. As for the one IE because of the building of the mosque with a dome the largest mosque in the world. No wonder the Tangerang city increasingly popular and his name resound.

Al A’zhom mosque Has the largest Dome in the world

Al A’zhom mosque stands firmly in Tangerang. The mosque was featured as one of pride for residents of Tangerang. How not, comes with a unique design with five large mosque domes which look striking. The fifth dome has become the hallmark of its own. With a unique and magnificent dome, masjid raya Al A’zhom now not only as a place of worship of Muslims only. But a plus into a landmark city of Tangerang.

Note the Masjid Al A’zhom built on land covering an area of 2.25 hectares. While building the mosque itself achieve 5,775 square metres with parking area covering an area of 14,000 square meters. Masjid Al A’zhom didmoninasi cool sky blue color. With the size and area in such a way that holds jamaah 15,000 people, reasonable when the mosque carrying Middle Eastern architectural style in the city of Tangerang was crowned as the largest mosque in Tangerang and predicate has the world’s biggest mosque cupola.

According to an Administrative Officer and Permitting the mosque Al’Azhom, Mr. Asrofi H Joseph exposes that Mosque Tangerang has a uniqueness that ought to be proud of. Although the building of the mosque was built so big and magnificent, yet not at all found poles. The main vault structure or the parent who is in the middle of the note is sustained 4 saplings semicircular dome. The dome’s fourth could be strong enough to support the parent because the dome designed mutually hand in at the bottom.

Mr. Yusuf added that the dome of the mosque of Al A’zhom are basically made from a pile of blue domes semicircular. Of course till then is arguably Al A’zhom is the only mosque that has the world’s biggest mosque cupola with a design like that. The dome of the mosque was made without a buffer into the roof of the mosque of Al A’zhom have size diameter 63 m. With the diameter size is pretty clear why the Al A’zhom Mosque domes include the world’s largest dome. While the number of vaults that have 5 fruit is said to symbolize the 5 Pillars of Islam and also 5 time pray command.

On the dome of the mosque of Al A’zhom, precisely on the side in 4 children’s dome calligraphy is found inscribed with verses of the Holy Quran. The dome on the West side there is a calligraphy surat Al-Baqarah verse 255, surat Al-Baqarah verse 284-285, and mail An-Nur verses 35. The dome on the East side there is a calligraphy letters Ar-Rum verse 30-33 and surat Al-Bayinah v. 5. On the north side of the dome calligraphy surat Al-Anbiya verse 107, Lukman 17-18, verse and surat Al-Fath verse 29. While at the dome on the South side there is a calligraphy letters An-Nahl verse 97, surat At-Tawba, verse 105 letter Ali Imran verse 112 surat Al-An’aam, verse 132-133, and mail An-Nisa verse 32. Each verse of the Quran are arranged in 3 rows while the fourth row in each dome pinned Asma al Husna.

Al A’zhom mosque with a dome of the greatest and most beautiful mosques in the world also has towers on all four sides. Not just that alone. It also features a number of facilities supporting activities of worship or other needs. Details of special prayers there are men and women who each equipped preparation room, ablution facilities, study spaces, a library, a mihrab, Office, and equipment.

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