Tina S, Talented Young Guitarist In The World Was Talking About

For a young 15 year old girl, what’s her ability to play the guitar very well, of courseit is the talent that ought to be proud of. Yet coupled with the electric guitar he carried instruments, capable of playing Classic as well as an incredible game techniquesabove average adults. This is Tina’s, a talented young guitarist is very promising forthe great career that is currently in the perbincangkan world.

Difficulty levels are shown the girl’s birth Paris 1999 was arguably very fantastic, ambitious plans are still very young range of dwarf guitar had top class capable of he toko gitar mastered to perfection.

France-born Tina was already acquainted with the world of the guitar since the age of 6 years, starting with the standard curriculum at the Conservatory of classical music. At age 13, tina decided to switch to the world a more rock’n ‘ roll and start playing on an electric guitar that is generally dominated by adam as a form of musical expression that want he lives to be developed into an audio visual appearance that makes audiences berdecak amazed when playing solo in bimbimbing directly by the teacher named Renaud Louis-Servais.

Proven to be the ultimate songs from Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater to extreme metal band Dragon Force any dilahap discharged by the beautiful idolizes the guitarist Slash and Van Helen it easily and even almost exactly the same as the original format.

Until Tina any endors by Vigier guitars Guitar, faithful to accompany the remarkable appearance of tina in various video he uploaded on youtube.

Nita Strauss was born in California on 7 December 1986. The 28-year-old woman started her career since the age of 13, playing in a variety of metal music event in America. She never learned the guitar or music formally.

In 2011, he managed to be top on the list of 10 Female Guitarists You Should Knowaka “10 Guitarists You Ladies should know” version of the iconic music magazine Guitar World.

The name Nita Strauss began frequently heard in rock music scene since her joiningIron Maiden tribute band The Iron Maidens, an all female casualties. In 2014, he replaced the guitarist position requested accompanist Alice Cooper, Orianthi Panagaris.Play with the name of Alice Cooper more expose Nita Strauss to a larger audience.

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