Tricks Get Discount Ala Terry’s Daughter While Clothes Shopping Lebaran

Lebaran synonymous with new clothes. Indeed not all Muslims argue that the widths should be celebrated with new clothes, but some also have a tradition that at the moment of the Idul fitri holiday will be more afdol if wearing a new dress. Offered by the hood (18/6), to welcome the Idul Fitri performers and presenters gorgeous Terry’s daughter had apparently been doing some preparation. One of them is to buy new clothes.

Yesterday Terry and his companions hunting new promosi hypermart clothes at Fashion Centre Moeslim, Mangga dua Square, Jakarta Utara. They get around to find clothing that fits. Usually while before lebaran shirt prices will soar even though there is a discount. Well, Terry apparently had a special trick to get clothes with prices skewed lho.

“This is the price of the fitting, use other words there are discount dong?, first smile, if the smile is definitely the keep stores. If we were in the store knew the same people who got a souvenir, uh tetep cried asked for a discount, “said Terry’s daughter.
Terry even had special tricks so that he could spend his money when frugality. Terry should always pegged its expenditure. This could be the solution so that it cannot be extravagant shopping time Ladies.

“If I bring the money, dont be segini make more than 70 percent,” he said.

Well, for those of you who intend spending widths can really try a trick performed by Terry this Princess Ladies.


Towards the end of Ramadan like this, a lot of people would’ve accepted money THR to celebrate lebaran. Certainly you have many purposes for using the money the THR. But this way so that the money can be used most effectively THR.

Incidentally THR came not too far away with a payday date. If the money supply is already sufficient, better savings just for the purposes of THR future.

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