Wooden watches caring tips

Wooden watches caring tips

Wooden watches caring tips

Watches bermaterial wood requires special care in order to remain durable. The one that needs to be done is to keep them away from the water.


“Don’t hit the water, sports (intensity) are hard to avoid,” said Herman Tantriady of five Watch, one of the producers of wood bermaterial watches in Jakarta, Wednesday.


In addition, when exposed to stains or soiled, we recommend that you clear the use a cloth moistened water lemon.


“If dirty, can all be cleaned with lemon water. For the battery, we supply the batteryfor free, he said.


Do not depart from the hallmark of his work that uses wood, Herman designing watches bermaterial maple wood chime iconic Disney characters, Miceky Mouse.


There are four wooden materials that we wear, but special Disney we select maple,because its characteristics are light, bright in colour. So much goes into Disney characters, he said.


Then to strap or rope, Herman using genuine leather that is available in two colours,grey and light blue.


We stamp character in (part of the dial). Then his box of pine wood. Our screen printing with the Disney characters that we use. Pine was the color of light, “said Herman.


Analog watches his dibanderol for Rp 1.7 million, relatively higher than the usual hours he created. We make 200. Backup the 90s again, “pungkas him.
“Because its star, BCL, I’d adjust his request only, with the song days like we find appropriate. From there, there is a little twist, she chimes in.
A matter of design, using Tex classic pieces that combined neutral colors such as white and basic colors such as nude and gold.
“It’s arguably I, mas Didi, supporters, his star remains BCL, support the idea. Want tolooknya like this, we will support. By the time it comes a lot of ideas already BCL, we only help polishing so that perform better, “pungkas Tex.

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